OAI Technologies, Inc. is pleased to announce its Agricultural Investment Portfolio (AIP) that will change the way we think about investing and saving for future generations.  Traditionally we have invested based on the rise and fall of the stock market which at times is more emotional then accurate with their profit and loss algorithms of IPO companies.  The agricultural industry as one common thread when it comes to investment,  you grow crops, you harvest them and you sell them based on the consumer demand.  Our demand for consumable goods continues to outpace our ability to grow enough. Therefore, we can draw a concrete conclusion that investing in the agricultural commodities market is more than a hunch. It is a calculated and very precise growth model that everyone can invest in and get a guaranteed return on their money.  OAIT will be rolling out it’s Agricultural Generational Wealth Investment Portfolio (AGWIP) for everyone ,no matter were your are on the social economic ladder.

Stay tuned more to come.