eHawk Global Reach


It is the aim of the eHawk Global Industries Supply Chain Initiative (SCI) to address logistical and supply chain issues affecting all aspects of global sustainability. To secure our critical infrastructure goods and services, our “Call to Action” promotes collaboration and best practices. eHawk’s open systems architecture promotes scalability, innovation, and collaboration in agriculture, food security, Smart commodities, and sustainable goods. Our patented Supply Chain Framework (SCF) is designed and integrated into alignment with the laws of nature connected Spine Branch and Leaf Infrastructure (SBLI). Empowering individuals and cooperatives to be a part of the equation with a well-balanced, and fair Global Exchange Market (GEM). 

Our Minimum Viable Production Statement (MVPS) creates a paradigm shift to provide a balance between automation and human interaction, rebuilding our agricultural infrastructure to be less subsistence and more cooperative providing a broad base of educational and subject matter expertise to assist in all areas of the journey to communities that generate economic wealth, promote prosperity for generations to come. 

 Our Agricultural Production Hubs (APHs) will be at the forefront of providing regional and national support services promoting our pillars of operation on a global scale.  

Platform as a service (PaaS) is an orchestration of real-time unified communication, based on a peer-to-peer architecture powered by our Smart Commodities Asset Management Platform (SCAMP 2.0) 


Tools and Techniques for Innovative Agriculture

eHawks Global Reach and Capabilities  

Our transformation initiative includes creating a cyber security digital footprint that allows end-to-end traceability. Software Defined Network (SND) architectural framework approach has been unique, identified, and proprietary, structured to meet and exceed current ISO security protocols and information system standards.  We subscribe to data analytics and business intelligence applications, integrated into our data network framework. AgPhysical Infrastructure, Asset Management, and Smart Commodities to ensure food securities, and its economic wealth are strategic securities and global initiatives. We manage every aspect of the farming process from seed to shelf, ensuring that we are eco-friendly. 

Our Commitment to Quality-of-Service   

The Quality of Service (QoS) commitment of eHawks is a shared resource, and the quality of its products is never compromised. We consider our farmers, ranchers, and manufacturers to be the backbone of our agricultural cooperative. The Return on Investment (ROI) refers to the ability of producers, farmers, ranchers, consumers, and nature itself to share resources, which in turn results in a reduction in production costs. In addition, achieving a sustainable financial outcome to leave a legacy for future generations because of this initiative. 

Collaboration is a Core Value  

eHawk’s commitment to its core values is our call to action and serves as the foundation for how we respond to and address the needs of others first and foremost with responsive, fair, and equitable support services. We never promise our core, pillars of operations and its principles.  Less is more so that we can ensure the best in service. It’s not compromised for short economic gains. The company’s core values reflect those of its organizational members.