Co-op Farming


The eHawk Global farming model is a cooperative Agribusiness process from seed to table to ensure that our farmers and ranchers have access to best practices in farming cultivation, harvesting, and processing.

In addition to planting crops, we provide environmental impact studies, food securities, and critical infrastructure “water, legacy-electrical grids, carbon emissions, and solar grids” to create harmony, with nature itself.

eHawk Globals’ capital investment to date has been in the development of our agribusiness infrastructure as a service platform with Internet of Things (IoT) sensors for end-to-end crop management.

Our Agriculture Production Hub (APH) model will allow us to reconnect the diaspora with innovative, industrialization, process for food processing nutritional meals, and other critical infrastructure

eHawk Global reconnecting our diaspora communities.

Agricultural Footprint​

Since we focus on key agricultural commodities, our business development footprint is unique to the industry in providing a secure and profitable financial base for our stakeholders. Hemp is one of our core crops, offering both medical properties as well as by-products that can be used for a variety of sustainable products. 

Over the past decade, the hemp industry has grown tenfold and is projected to exceed financial expectations. Increasingly, hemp is being considered a “renewable” source of industrial products. North America currently does not have a commercial hemp processing facility to supply and grow these markets. To capitalize on these opportunities, eHawk Global has established a facility in Dorado, Puerto Rico. This facility can process up to 36,000 metric tons of hemp straw per year into biofiber and byproducts. 

Hemp biofiber production and processing have significant growth potential. Pilot Processing Plant will focus on a few well-developed and accessible markets with a variety of quality requirements. 

An environmentally controlled greenhouse incorporates the latest technology in HVAC, light deprivation, environmental controls, irrigation, insect exclusion, benching systems, hybrid techniques, and much more. 

  • Our greenhouses are custom-built based on the landscape, environmental conditions, and extreme weather. 
  • While hemp likes long daylight during the vegetative stage, a suitable blackout system is required for the most optimal flowering. 
  • Heating and Cooling Systems are an extremely crucial component of the hemp greenhouse. 
  • Ventilation is essential for all greenhouse crops. Our integrated growing solutions will include air filtration systems. 
  • A nutrient management system is essential for maximizing the production yield of hemp plants and ensuring consistency and reliability. 
  • The computer control systems control and monitor all the nutrients, lights, blackouts, air circulation, CO2, and irrigation needs of the plants. They can handle different environments for propagation, cloning, and flowering. 

We Support Veteran Farmers
One Branch At A Time!​


Smart Commodities Agricultural Dashboard​

The Cooperative Farming and Agriculture Statistics Information (CFASI) collected by eHawk global allows us to manage our Caribbean agricultural footprint. To create a balance in imports and exports of goods and services, we connect our cooperative farmers and ranchers to the global commodities market.